Rutgers Automated Mass-mailing System

Troubleshooting guide for mass-mailing senders.

     This troubleshooting guide is targeted at all users attempting to send out mass mailings. However, the majority of topics covered are going to be for list owners. More generic topics will be listed towards the top.

I submitted a message to a list, but nothing happened.

     If you are not the owner or moderator of a list, and your message doesn't obviously violate the acceptable use policy, and no explanation was provided by the list owner/moderator, you can contact them by sending a message to <listname> (where you replace <listname> with the list in question) asking about the status. If you are the owner or moderator, you will have to approve the message before it can be sent out to the list. If you approved the message, it will not go out until prime-time. The default prime-time for official mailing lists is 7pm to 5am. By default class lists have no prime-time. If prime-time has passed, check the archive page for your list to see if the mail went out or not.

I sent the message out, but some people who should have gotten it didn't.

    The first thing you should do is look them up in the Rutgers On-line Directory, and make sure the e-mail address there matches the one they have been checking for the message. If it does not you should have them check that address, or change it to the address they normally view.

I can moderate messages through the web, but not via e-mail.

     If you are the owner of your list, check that the e-mail address you have for your moderator entry matches the address you are sending from. If it does not match, either send the mail from the address specified in the list, or change the address in the list. If it does, contact support from the same address about the problem so we can see the full headers to diagnose the problem.

Every message I send to the list gets sent twice.

    This is more than likely either operator error, or a problem with your mail client. It is a known problem with certain versions of Outlook Express for the Macintosh. If you can, we recommend trying a different mail client.

Whenever I post a message, I get a bunch of bounced messages.

    We can't force people to initially submit a valid e-mail address to the on-line directory. We also can't force them to update it if the information becomes incorrect. If you wish to no longer get the bounce messages, you can use the list editor to change the bounce to settings using the "Set Errors Bounce Address" task within the list editor. You should change it from "OWNERS" to "IGNORE'. It is initially set to owners so you have an idea of how many bogus or incorrect addresses are on a list.

I can't log into the web tools

    Assuming you should be allowed access to the web tools, currently you must have an RCI account to log in. THe log-in is <username>@rci where you replace <username> with your RCI username. The password will be your normal RCI password. If you are doing this and you can't still can't log in, try logging into your RCI account. If that doesn't work, contact help@rci. If it does work, contact support.

My message seemed to go to too many/not enough people.

    The data that RAMS works from regarding students is based on the current semester. The changeover dates for when the data is switched from the current semester to the next varies. So if it is between the last day of classes and the first day of classes, and the change seems in line with that, it's probably normal (during the summer session, a significant drop in membership of most lists is normal). If not, you should probably contact support with your concerns and at least a ballpark figure of what would be normal.

I sent the message to the list, but never get a confirmation message.

     Check to see if it appears under the moderation option in the list_editor, if it does not, then the mail is not reaching the RAMS machines, and you should contact from that address so we can view the full headers. If it is showing up under the web tool, you should check the e-mail address set for you under the add/remove moderator section and make sure it matches where you are sending the mail from.

One of the members of my list wants to be removed.

     Use the list editor to stop mailings to them from your list. For instructions, see the update user section of the list editor manuel.

Everything else.

     For everything else, contact support, and remember to include all pertinent information.