Rutgers Automated Mass-mailing System

  Requesting a new mailing list.

   Determining what type of list you want.

     Rutgers now provides access to three types of mailing lists. There are general mailing lists, official mailing lists, and class mailing lists. General mailing lists are static lists of member addresses that are provided and maintained by the owner of the list. Official mailing lists are for the support of official university announcements. The owner of the list provides a demographic category, and the list of member addresses are provided by Rutgers' databases and maintained by software. Class mailing lists are for the support of announcements and class discussions outside of the normal class hours. All Rutgers mailing lists are bound by the acceptable use policy which can be found here.

   General mailing lists

     Currently, general mailing lists are still being handled through listserv. You can submit the request through their web page.

   Class mailing lists

     Class mailing lists are created through the class list creator. This tool requires a username and password to log in. Currently, you must have an account/username on one of the RCI machines on the three main campuses to log in. The username should be presented as username@rci. Additionally, access within the tool to class sections is governed by the users roster privileges. If you need privileges, you should contact your Dean/Director/Department Chair or their assistant.

   Official mailing lists

     Official mailing lists are created by the submitting a request to your local help desk listed on the support page. To expedite the process, do your best to address the following points in your request:

  • What university entity the list is for (ex. your department).
  • What purpose the list is supposed to serve.
  • Who the list will be owned/moderated by. (include rci username and e-mail address)
  • Who will be the alternate owner/moderator.
  • An idea for a list name.
  • What demographic you are targeting. (ex. all students who are not U.S. residents on Newark campus.)
  • If you want your archived postings to be publicly available

It is always helpful to be as specific with the demographic information as possible. Also, due to legal requirements, the university's ability to exhaustively collect and the target audience's willingness to disclose certain demographic information, some requests may be denied, or simply be ineffective. It should also be noted that some requests for lists may be denied in favor of the announcement(s) being broadcast through an existing official university list considered reasonably appropriate for the nature of the announcement.