Rutgers Automated Mass-mailing System

List Archive Manual

     The list archive page provides access to the archived postings to a list as well as statistical information about a list. The archive screen can also be used to diagnose list problems.


     When you go to the archive page, you will be presented with a list of mailing lists to choose from. To get to the archives and statistics for a mailing list, highlight the list name and click on the view archive button.

Archive Screen

     The archive screen consists of two sections. The top section is the statistics section, and the bottom section is the list of archives. At the bottom of the screen there are the navigation buttons.


     The statistics presented are "Number of messages", "Average number of recipients", "Total number of recipients", "Last message sent on", "Average message size", and "Total message size". The most important item for end users is the "Last message sent on" value. This allows you to verify the date of the last message sent out for the list if you are having problems and do not have archives turned on. "Total number of recipients" is not per message, but per list. The same applies to "Total message size". The rest are fairly self-explanatory. More statistics may be added in the future based on user input. If a message does not successfully post to all members of a list, it will not generate statistical information for it. A successful posting has been sent out to all members, it does not imply that any of the addresses is actually valid or reachable.


     The list of archived messages list all the messages posted in the list in order form newest to oldest. For every message it lists the date it was posted, the subject of the message, the address it was posted from, and the number of addresses it was sent out to. The date does not represent the time at which the message was approved by a moderator, but rather the time the last copy of the message was pushed out to the mail queue. If a message does not successfully post to all members of a list, it will not generate an archive entry for it.