Current Announcement

12-14-2023 RAMS has been updated to comply with the new University visual idenity requirements. The application may appear odd until you refresh your browser cache.

Welcome to RAMS

What is RAMS?

RAMS is the Rutgers Automated Mass-mailing System. It allows an e-mail list to be generated based on demographic information from the registrar or payroll data, and provides for automated updates to the list membership based on changes in the demographic information.

How do I use it?

You can get started by going to the documentation and reading the list operator's guide and the instructions for requesting a new list.


RAMS official mailing lists are intended to be used by the University to communicate official university business to targeted student and employee populations. They are not intended to be a conduit for advertising, commercial solicitations, event promotion, or personal business.

Additionally, all use of a list and submissions to a list must adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for IT resources.

Beyond these overall guidelines, each list was requested for an intended purpose. Regardless of a message's adherence to the above guidelines, it still may be inappropriate for any given list depending on that list's purpose. Please respect the decisions of List Owners regarding submissions to their lists.